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Who I am

Wow, who am I? That could be a long and complicated answer. In short, I'm a mom, a wife, an author, and much more. 

I live in Arizona with our Sheltie, Sophie, my husband, Guy, several cats and a menagerie of other animals.

After losing my sons, both of whom had Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, in 2009 and 2010, I've found I have had little interest in writing. I guess most people would feel that way. I've spent my entire adult life, since they were born (1989 and 1991, respectively) taking care of them. Their needs were different from other children. They only spent maybe five years of their lives being able to walk, run, dress themselves, and tie their shoes.

On Thanksgiving of 2007, we ended up in the hospital with my older son, Shane. He'd had congestive heart failure. If that wasn't bad enough, he ended up having a stroke that paralyzed his left side. He had some movement, but not much, and no way to build up muscle thanks to his disease. So, any use he did have deteriorated. He was put on Cumadin (warfarin) to break up a clot and that's what cause the stroke, it didn't break up, it broke loose. We then found out he was very allergic to the Cumadin he was like a wild man, he couldn't rest, he was just hyper all the time. When we found out, I instantly told the doctors to put him on Plavix and an aspirin regimen. Over time, we adjusted those. We stopped going to the heart doctor because there was just nothing they could do for him and it was too painful and risky for him to be taken out of bed and moved. So, we did the best we could for him.

I can't tell you the heart rending emotions that I've had over the past four years. I've ached to the soul for these boys. Wished I could take away their pain.

The one thing my husband and I have always done for them was to make sure they had everything they wanted and needed and that they were always as happy as they could be.

My younger son suffered with a broken leg (2001), back surgery to fuse his spine (2002), and a severe lung infection(2006). I took him out of school. There was no reason for him to go. I like to say he was smarter than a lot of seniors in high school at that point. The thing is, he was. He had a wiseness about him that surpassed his years. Physically, he was unable to keep getting up and making the trek to school.

After his month's stint in the hospital for the lung infection, he did well at home. He had a machine that helped keep his lungs open at night. Up until 2009 he did well with that. Then, he started staying on it all the time. By the end of 2010 his body began shutting down. Pulmonary failure took him on September 17th, 2010.

I miss my boys with every fiber of my being. They were a part of me, not just my life, but me. It has been hard to go on, but I do.They would not have wanted me to stop living because they were no longer here. I don't go a day without thinking of them or shedding tears, but I know they are in a better place. They are free of the binding, frail bodies they lived in.

I love you guys!

Shane Brandon Reed June 7, 1989 to August 30, 2009

Patrick Wayne Reed March 14, 1991 to September 17, 2010


I'm not sure what else I should say about myself. Let me see...

I love Fantasy, SciFi, some Paranormal stuff as well. My love of these things led me to write about them. The one thing I disliked about these was that the man always rescued the woman. You know, strong man, weak woman in distress?

I wanted to be that man, and not the woman. So, that's what I write.

Strong men, stronger women.

That's my motto.

Anyway, that's all I can think of for now.

Again, welcome to my worlds.