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Back for another try...

Posted by Cassi J Reed on May 21, 2012 at 11:05 AM


It's been nearly a year since I posted in here. Sorry about that. I can't even tell you what it's been like to live without two of the most important people in my life for the last...well, almost three years since Shane passed and nearly two since Patrick. I've had deaths in my family two close back in 1987. My grandmother on my mom's side and my brother from the same disease my boys had. That was hard and after time it got easier to live without them. This, however is a bit different.

Anyway, I'm not here to harp at you all about how sad I've been or how difficult it's been to get going again. I'm here to say, hey, I'm going to really try this time around to get back into the swing of the life of a writer.

So, my first step was to post a new little short I wrote and published with a friend who I actually met doing freelance editing. Dawne' Domonique introduced us. I still do editing for her, but am also one of her authors now. That is, if I get my butt out there and tell people I have a story available.

I'm also on the verge of losing the home my other three books found because of no sales. That's not the publishers fault, it's mine for not getting myself out there. I'm hoping with my site and my "brand" Under Dragon's Wing I can get my self out there.

I don't know exactly how. I guess just post my web address everywhere and keep everyone informed on my writing projects. I'll give it a try and see if I can get out there.

I know consistency is best in this e-pub world. I'm not a fast writer and I like having a friend I can send my chapters to for moral support. I'm a bit introverted and it's funny even though through writing I'm behind the scenes, I'm still unsure. I feel like skittish colt.

Well, I'll try to get back here with a new blog on Wednesday and then on Friday. If I can stick to a Mon., Wed., and Fri. schedule that will keep me coming back here to my site and updating on anything, everything. Don't think my blogs will be only about writing. I'm sure they won't be. I have animals to write about, crazy neighbors, and just whatever, too.

Until Wednesday...have a great time!


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