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Work? What is that?

Posted by Cassi J Reed on May 23, 2012 at 10:50 AM

I've had something on my mind for a while. It was brought fresh to my mind last night when hubby and I were talking.

What has happened to people? Now, I'm not talking everyone so don't take offense. There are so many who think they have the right to be handed their living without a day of work. There are those that have a job and if they don't get paid for sitting on their butts they feel they are being abused.

What happened to actual work? I grew up with ranchers and farmers. I grew up where my grandfather and great uncles worked their asses off their whole lives...even as boys. My grandmothers back generations worked their asses off. My grandmother on my mother's side cooked meals for at least a dozen hands (ranch workers) plus her own family every day for years. Not to mention she kept house, did the dishes, washed clothes... She didn't have the modern conveniences we have these days.

My son Patrick's best friend who just turned twenty the 6th of this month has his first job. He washes trucks at the company where Guy drives. Well, he washes trucks when he can get one of the lead men in the shop to get off their asses and drive a truck into the wash bay for him. See, he can't drive the truck because he's hired through a temp service. If he was an actually employee through the company he could drive the truck into the bay and back out to park it as long as he stayed on the property. My point is...in a twelve hour shift who ever is on duty as lead man usually can be found sitting on their butt in the office. Now, shouldn't you as lead man have your paper work and whatever done and get off your chair and be sure everyone else is working?

Get this in the company if you are a mechanic and you get a job done before your two hour limit, you have HAVE to take a break until the two hours is up. What? If you are that good and things need to be done, shouldn't you just be able to keep on working. That is what work is, right? Right?

Now, on the other hand, drivers are abused completely the opposite way. They have to make miles to get a pay check. If they are sitting in the truck waiting to deliver or get loaded...do you think they get paid for that work? No, they don't. Don't tell me that's not working or you're going to get an ear full from me. They may be sitting still, but they are with the truck (security service), they are waiting for the product to be either given to the customer or waiting for the customer to give them product (customer service) Should they not get paid for that as well as the actual driving of the truck? Not to mention they aren't home.

Even some of them however are whiners, and want something for nothing. I know plenty who aren't and work hard.

I see it everywhere. Okay, so you've had to start out a McDonalds or Burger King. You flip burgers. That is your job, you've hired on to do that job. So, do it right. Work hard at it. Maybe someone will notice and you'll move up. If nothing else you have work experience and can move on at some point. Your next application will at least say yes, I work. So, you have to clean bathrooms instead of managing the restaurant. Work hard and maybe you'll get to manage.

Sitting here today, at this very moment though, knowing there are people who were in top jobs and are now the ones flipping burgers I'm beginning to think that our way of life is changing drastically. For good or bad I don't know.

We may find ourselves back to the days of growing our own vegetables and milking our own cows or goats for survival rather than a hobby. People do that already to save money. Chickens can be fun and also productive. Nothing beats fresh eggs from a chicken that hasn't been pumped full of hormones, antibiotics and who knows what else.

Well, I better get of my soapbox now. I'm sure there are those I have possibly offended or confused. Please, if you have something to say at least be nice about it.

Have a Great Day!

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