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Chris Fiddle and Steve the Panda

Posted by Cassi J Reed on May 31, 2012 at 9:50 AM

Chris Fiddle and Steve the Panda

Chris Fiddle

When Patrick was in the hospital in 2006 with severe lung infection we thought he might not make it home. Our friends, Chris and Nicole visited him and they brought him a little stuffed dog. On the tag, he was named Fiddle. When they first brought the little dog to him, Patrick wasn't even aware he was in the hospital, let alone that he'd had visitor. That was only a day or two into a two, nearly three week stay in PICU at St. Joseph's Hospital in Phoenix.

When Patrick woke and was actually aware of what was going on, his first words were. "Tell Shane I didn't die." Now this refers to his friend Shane and not his brother Shane. The last his friend Shane had seen of him was on a Friday at school. By Sunday night he was in the hospital. The infection hit hard when we realized he had it. We weren't even certain what was going on until we got him into the hospital.

Anyway, back to this little dog. The second thing he did was hold that little stuffed dog and said, I'm going to name him Chris Fiddle, because Chris gave him to me. I still have Chris Fiddle along with many other stuffed animals. We got Patrick quite a few stuffed animals when he was in the hospital and having to go to Las Vegas for doctor's appointments.

Steve the Panda

After Shane has his stroke, he was never the same Shane as he was before. I'm sure those of you who have had stroke victims in their families or are even one yourself you know what I'm talking about. Of course it depends on the severity. As time went by, a year or so, Shane had quite a few mini strokes and several large ones.

After one of these larger attacks, he became odd in his thoughts. This is where we get Steve the Panda. Now, Steve is a little stuffed Panda bear that we got at Panda Express because we spent a certain amount on food. We brought it home to Shane.

Shane had him for about an hour and he says, I'm going to name my Panda Steve. We have no idea why he was named Steve, but he was. That was cool. He kept Steve close to him on his bed. One day he tells me, Steve taught him Panda. I said, really? He said yes, that way I can understand him and all other Pandas.

No matter the reason that he named that Panda Steve, that little bear was special to Shane.

Both Shane and Patrick were sensitive guys. I never discouraged their love of stuffed animals or anything else for that matter. They were who they were there was no changing that. We should all nurture our children to be the people they are, not mold them to be the person we or society wants them to be.

Patrick was the most caring, giving person I have ever met. I'm not just saying that because he was my son, but because he was. He was quite the sensitive. I don't mean in the cry baby sort of way, but in the way that he could read people.

Shane had the technical wizard thing going, and he could be a bit selfish. None of that was taught, it was just who he was. He could discuss something he was interested in for hours and never get tired of talking about it. Especially games. He loved games.

Well, I think that's long enough for today. Maybe this will make up for my missing Monday and Wednesday.


Take care and have a great day!

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