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One Little Dog

Posted by Cassi J Reed on January 8, 2013 at 11:35 AM

One Little Dog


How can one little dog, a Sheltie to be specific, mean so much to one person? Well, in my world, there is one big reason. This little Sheltie, Sophie, saved my life. I know that might sound dramatic, but really it's true. I have many people who stand by my side as well, but Sophie loves and comforts like no one can.

On September 17th of 2010, she was there with unconditional love and understanding as I crouched by my younger son's bed, sobbing, "I'm not ready for this". That was the day Patrick died. We had just gone through Shane's death eleven month's before, and none of us were ready for Patrick's. It happened anyway.


My mom was here. She helped me get through the sheriff's deputies, EMTs, and the coroner coming to do their jobs. Guy, was on the road and I had to call him and tell him. His company made him drive from Utah, all the way back to Springfield, Missouri, and then home, instead of...I don't know turning him around and having him drive home, or swapping with another driver, or any number of things. So he was gone an extra four days, grieving and trying to get home without hurting anyone in his state of mind. Patrick's friends were here for a while. We were all so in shock, I don't think any of us knew what to do and inside I was so lost and empty. 

In the days following Patrick's death, Sophie became my sole, and soul comfort. She needed to be taken out to potty, I did that even though I wanted to stay in bed, curl in to a ball, and fade away. She never let me cry for long, nosing under my arms and loving on me with her ears back as if to say, it's okay mom, everything will be okay. She knew something was wrong and never left my side. She still doesn't, we are inseparable.

Her happy go lucky attitude, her energy, her Sheltie bark, her games of stick and rock kept me sane. Her growl and the sight of her dragging a rock backwards from me to play keep away always made me smile, even though my heart was broken and my soul shattered.

Over the last nearly two years since Patrick's death, I've become so attached to this little dog. She is my life, she is like one of my children. I take her with me whenever I can, even if it means mom and I shop separately so one of us can stay in the truck with her. I never leave her alone in the truck. If she can't go where one of us stays with her we leave her home, which is a hard thing for me to do. She loves to go and it's hard to say no.


Do any of you have a pet or should I say four legged, furry baby, that you feel like this about?


Here are some pictures of Sophie:




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