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Fire for Ice

My first published work is a short seven chapter, ninety-six page story done for an addition to an anthology put out by loveyoudivine called Gremlins. Now, this work will be re-released at a new home, http://www.puprlesword.com/. The story itself will be released in e-book form and later it will be released in the anthology again.

This one was written under the pen name: Cerise Amour

It will be re-released under: Kase J Reed




Here is a taste of Fire for Ice.



There’s a killer loose in the kingdom of Lanae, and Captain Tamir Arden, and his gremlin must bring the culprit to justice.  After a young woman is murdered, he discovers the killer has left a clue—a strange, but familiar marking carved into the poor girl’s flesh—a symbol belonging to the beautiful Princess Callista. 


On one of his nightly patrols, Tamir finds Callista in panicked fear in the hallway outside her royal apartments, lost in a strange, magical spell. He’s swept away by the princess’ beauty, but even worse, both their gremlins are enamoured with each other—and whatever their soulbeings feel, so do the humans they represent. There’s a little quandary, however. If Tamir is caught with Callista, it could mean certain death for him. 


Ensnared between catching a killer who is hunting the Princess, and fighting his growing desires of forbidden love, humans, gremlins and magic collide.




* * * *

Captain Tamir Arden sat at one of the long tables in the barracks, sipping a cup of bittersweet kaffa. He’d hoped for some quiet before the change of guard. Glaze, who napped at the corner nearest the stove, sat up with a squeak. Unfortunately, the peace was short lived. A young, pale-faced night guard rushed in and skidded to halt near the table, his fist making a resounding smack against his chest as he saluted.

“What is it?” Tamir set his cup down and returned the salute.

“There was another murder, Sir.”

His heartbeat quickened as he stood from the table, grabbing his tabard and slipping it over his head. “Where?” Will this ever end?

“The marketplace. A merchant opening for the day discovered her. She’s nailed to the wall by her hands, Captain.” The young man’s eyes glowed with superstitious fright.

Tamir strode past him, and the guard fell into step behind. His gremlin was as agitated as he was. “Sit still, Glaze. Why don’t you go see if you can find anything out from your kith.” The little creature disappeared in a snowy blur.

“Who would do such a thing, sir?” The young man prattled as he trotted down the steps nearly running to keep up with the pace Tamir set. His horse, always saddled these days, stood ready when he arrived at the stables.

Swinging a muscular leg over the pommel and settling into the saddle, he looked down at the young man. “You’re off duty. Go get some breakfast, and rest.” He turned without another word, making his way through the gate and down the hill toward the center of the city.

At this time of the morning, the village usually buzzed with the hustle and bustle of haggling, the jingle of coins and the pungent aroma of different foods. This morning, however, merchants and townspeople sent up a raucous call of indignation as he entered the market. The guards wouldn’t allow them to open their stalls or shop until he’d arrived to start the investigation.

He left his mount with a young man and made his way to the horrid scene. Tamir’s guts churned when he saw the young woman. Sticky, coagulated blood coated her bare chest and pooled at her feet.

She’d been nailed to the wall of the stall as the young soldier said. This was the fifth murder in as many weeks. Tamir closed his eyes and rubbed the bridge of his nose. A breeze passed through the marketplace, carrying shouts of impatient merchants and townsfolk.



Gypsy Curse

My second published work under Cerise Amour. This one is longer, one hundred and ten pages, and is in a contemporary setting, but it does have a touch of magic to it. I really liked writing this one and it still brings a smile to my lips as I read it. This one is another work that right have reverted on and will be finding a new home athttp://www.purplesword.com/

 Coming: July 13th, 2011



Here is a blurb and an excerpt for your perusal.



     What happens when a blessing turns to a curse? After Ian Grey’s father gambles away a ruby and diamond necklace, which happens to be his family’s good luck charm, Ian believes it’s only superstitious nonsense. But when his luck turns bad and people around him start dying, he begins to believe that he is indeed cursed.

     Jordan O’Shea is Ian’s personal bodyguard and has been since the death of her father. She has no clue she’s part of this blessing gone to hell until she becomes involved with Ian’s attempt to steal the necklace back. Being shot in the process wasn’t what she was expecting, and when Ian refuses to tell her what’s going on, they both become entangled in a web of ancient Celtic magic. Perhaps the curse is just what they both needed.




He needs you, a persistent voice echoed in Jordan’s head. She opened her eyes, blinking to clear away the sleep. Waning light snuck in from the window, telling her she’d slept through the day. She rubbed her hands over her face, trying to expel the voice from her mind. What the hell is going on now?

Go to him. The voice whispered again.

Easing her legs over the edge of the bed, she sat up and glanced around the room, but there was no one there. Frowning, she stood and walked out into the hallway, having little regard of where she headed. For some strange reason, she allowed her instincts to guide her.

Her path led her outside Ian’s room. The door stood open and she heard the sound of sliding drawers. She stepped through the doorway and leaned against the frame, watching him packing an overnight bag. “Going somewhere?”

Without looking up, he continued to drop items into the duffel. “I’m going to London to meet with some associates.”

Her back stiffened and she took several steps toward him. She’d never been in his room before, and what she saw wasn’t what she expected. The bed looked similar to the one she slept in, and not that of a playboy, who had as many women as he had pairs of socks, but that was beside the point. He was taking a trip – and without her. “These associates…who are they?” Her heart began to beat faster. He’s keeping secrets again. Damn him!

“What difference does it make?” He stopped and turned toward her. Although he still looked haggard, he’d showered and shaved.

“If Kieran knows them, you could be in danger.” Her lips stretched into a thin, white line of contention.

His dark blond brows folded into a scowl as he looked to the floor. Running his fingers through his hair, he gazed long and at hard at her before answering. “I’m not the one in danger. You are.”

The finality in his tone puzzled her. “What do you mean?” It was her turn to frown.

“You’re the only one that can open the safe for them. I’m going to get it back before they come after you.”

He’s not thinking this through, she worried. “Ian, these men could be working for Sylva. They could take you prisoner. What better way to make me come to them? They could also just kill you.” Jesus, if that happened, I’d hunt every one of them down and… She paused, waiting for a response. He looked anywhere but at her. “Ian?”

He stood, resolute, and stuck out his chin. “I don’t care. I’m going anyway. I’ll get that safe back and everything will be fine.” He moved into the bathroom, coming back with a handful of toiletries. The stubborn set of his jaw told her he’d get his way, but she had to try to talk him out of this recklessness. Help him. The haunting voice she’d heard earlier returned. What in the hell do you think I’m trying to do here? Damned annoying voice…shut the hell up!

She shook her head, pacing the length of the room. Her wounds were either healing or she was used to the pain, but she didn’t hurt nearly as bad as the day before. “No, Ian. This is foolish. Wait for me to heal a little more, and while I do, we can figure out how to get it back, together.”

“No! I won’t do that. I will not endanger you again!”

His vehement outburst startled her and she staggered back a step. “Why? I’m your bodyguard. It’s my job.” She stared in disbelief. What is he thinking? He knows this is idiocy

“I…I…just can’t.” He went back to packing his carryall, jamming things into it with forceful shoves.

“There you go again. Not telling me anything. What is it this time?” She marched toward him and planted her hands on her hips.

He reached out and grabbed her arm. Pulling her into a tight embrace, he crushed his lips against hers. His kiss was insistent, almost violent and it stole her breath away. Pain shot through her from her wounds, but she ignored it, kissing back with an urgency she’d never felt.

Just as suddenly as it began, the moment ended. He stumbled back from her, his face crimson. “That’s why,” he said, panting.














Darkwind Hunters I: Enigma

 This is my third published work. It is the first book in a series of four that I planned. I have five chapters of the second book done and haven't gotten much further on it. Real life stepped in and made it difficult to write anything. So, this series is still in the plans. I just need to get it written. This book is at http://www.purplesword.com/.


Here is a taste of Enigma:



Created from dark fairy magic and the seed of a mortal man, Logan Shadowsong is the strongest of all vampire hunters. When she comes face to face with the one vamp she was initially created to destroy, she discovers more than she bargained for—and love certainly wasn't part of it.

Logan Shadowsong was created—yes—created to kill vampires for her tyrannical father, Cyrus Fenton, but in short time, she begins to loathe what she is and what she does. Fleeing her father's clutches once and for all, she runs into the one vampire her father created her to destroy.


Talon Blackstone, once a Hunter like Logan, is now a vampire in exile and on Fenton's Most Wanted Dead list. When Logan and Talon accidentally meet, an attraction between them grows into an inferno. One problem stands in their way, however; if he drinks of her blood, he could die.



Talon leaned in to kiss her, but stopped. “You drive me wild, and with all that blood splashed all over you, you are…” His hungry mouth covered hers, and she threw her arms around him, raking her fingers through his hair.

She pulled away. Things needed to be done before the sun rose. She turned and wiped her blades on one of the dead men’s clothes before hanging the weapons back on her belt. She grabbed Lars under the arms, dragged him from the chair and out into the night, leaving Talon staring after her.

The horses sidestepped as she neared them, sensing death. Logan continued to tow the body around the side of the building and deposited him in a ring where a bonfire once burned.

Talon, with a man slung over his shoulder and one he pulled behind, did as Logan had done with Lars.

“I’ll burn them before dark tonight,” said Logan. Her thoughts whirled on one certain statement. “Why did that man call you a traitor, and how did he know you?”

His features scrunched up like he’d just tasted something sour and a sudden glimpse of him meeting an older man and a boy of about five near the gates to Darkwind City settled in her mind. The man was a hunter, dressed in the black and silver uniform, like the one she now wore.

‘Where’ve you been?’ the hunter had asked Talon. An argument ensued, but the images and words faded from her mind as Talon explained.

“He was a boy, his father a hunter. I’d returned from a night of…”

A flash of flesh on flesh shot through her mind.

“…an indiscretion. One that I’d rather forget and have paid dearly for.” He stalked past her and back into the building.

Whatever happened to Talon was why or somehow connected to his being a vampire. Morgaine. The witch’s name whispered around her.

Talon returned with the last two bodies, tossing them with the others in the blackened circle. “I’ve been stupid in my lives, both of them. I don’t want to burden you with my ghosts. You have enough of your own to occupy your time.”

Sensing his reluctance to talk about it, she took a deep breath and glanced around. “We should get inside or you’re not going to have to worry about telling me anything ever again.” She led the way, hoping that perhaps once they were inside and settled he’d speak more.

The back room held several beds that lined the wall of the long, narrow space. Logan lit stubs of leftover candles until a soft glow permeated the room.

Talon’s boots scuffed the floor as he entered behind her. “In that trunk, there are some linens wrapped in canvas to keep dirt and bugs out. I’ll get some water. You’ll want to clean that blood off before you sleep.”

Logan moved to the wooden crate, lifted the lid and pulled the bundle from its place.

Talon returned with a bucket and proceeded to unroll the mattress, waiting at the end of one of the other bunks.

“There’s bedding only for one.”


“I know.”

One of her auburn eyebrows rose.

“We sleep together.” He spoke without turning, but she sensed his sly smirk. “I’ll be able to restrain myself. Sleep is too near.” He shifted to her. “First, we must rid you of this.” He stepped across the room, removed his jacket and pulled a white cotton handkerchief from a pocket. Leaving the coat hanging on a bedpost, he dipped the handkerchief into the water and wrung it out. With a gentle, yet firm hand, he wiped the blood from her face. Cupping her jaw, he ran a thumb across her lips, and a surge of desire blossomed within both of them.

“Your jacket, Hunter. Give it to me.”

She pushed the silver buttons through the holes and handed him the garment. He wiped the blood from it as well and hung it over his own. Her heart thudded in an odd cadence, keeping in tune with the desire singing through her body. “Are you sure it’s a good idea for us to sleep together?” She swallowed to wet her parched throat.

“I told you sleep is too near for me to be much good to you. Unless?” He shot an image of her ravaging his inert body.

“No, absolutely not.” The flush of embarrassment heated her cheeks.

He helped her make the bed, then sat down and pulled his boots off while she shut the door leading into the room and blocked it with the last bunk. She wanted to ensure no one would surprise them.

Talon lay down and patted the spot next to him on the narrow bunk. She smiled. “You’re not going to shove me on the floor, are you?”

After removing her boots, she snuggled against Talon. When he pulled the covers over both of them, she couldn’t remember ever feeling this safe and content, even though the cold of the dark room seeped into her bones. “You’re so warm,” she whispered.

“Mm. That’s what a good meal does for me.” He kissed her forehead. “You are so beautiful.”

She pressed closer to his warmth. “Shh. Let’s not ta—”

He smothered her words with a passionate kiss. Involuntarily, she parted her lips and opened to him, his tongue dancing with hers. Control slipped from her grasp. Talon’s hands roamed down the length of her body, tugging her shirt from the waistband of her pants. She sighed against him, weaving her fingers into his hair. I said we can’t…we shouldn’t…

His throaty laugh echoed through her head. Don’t worry, Hunter, I won’t be… His body relaxed and his breathing became steady.

He fell asleep on me? She wanted to be angry, but all she could do was smile. Kissing his forehead, she snuggled against him, pulling the blankets up over their shoulders to keep warm. Her mind reeled for a long time before sleep finally claimed her.

Roses for Jessi...The Beauty Within

I just had this short little story published by a friend and publisher who is creating a company that accepts wholesome tales instead of erotica. A little different compared to my other three, but this is a story that is close to my heart. I took some elements from my teenage years and put them into this story. Some things actually happened, some didn't, I used artistic license with most of it.

This really came about after my boys passed away. I have gone through so much trying to heal and get back to life and finding me. The me I left behind to take care of them, to be the best mom I could to them. It is actually a story of healing and finding a place for yourself.

Try it, you might like it. Maybe you know a young person that might benefit from this.


Available at www.topazpublishingllc.com





Each day, Jessi made it a point to avoid Dalton and his group of popular friends. She'd step inside any room to keep out of sight. He’d texted her, but she didn’t reply.

One morning, nearly two weeks later, Becca and Amy walked Jessi to her locker. There, she discovered another yellow rose shoved inside the door.

"Here we go again." Jessi pulled the flower from the door and sighed. "I wish whoever is doing this, would show himself, or just quit."

"Come on," Amy said. "We can ponder this more after algebra class."

They started down the hall, just as Dalton strolled around the corner.

Facing them, he positioned his body right in front of Jessi. "So, you won’t answer my text." He held his phone to her face. "This is your number, right?" Then, Dalton pressed send. Almost immediately, Jessi’s phone vibrated in her purse. Dalton scowled. "I’ve been dialing the correct number. I think we need to talk." Taking her arm, he led her back down the hall to his locker.

"I know—I know," Jessi blurted, as they rushed along. "The thing at the dance was a big hoax. And, you didn't mean to hurt my feelings, right?"

Dalton stopped walking and shook his head. "For a smart girl, you sure are dumb about some things." He opened his locker, pulled out a long stemmed yellow rose, and gave it to her.

Jessi looked at the gift. She was trembling all over. "You?"

"Now, do you understand how beautiful I think you are? I've been trying to keep my feelings hidden. The other guys want to blame you for the accident. True, we’ve lost every game since then, but it isn’t your fault. To them, you’re an outsider. After their misfortune, that fact has been royally established. Jessi, I tried to talk to them. Anyone stupid enough to drink and drive was asking for it."

His blue eyes were intense; they held her gaze as he talked. Jessi swallowed hard. "Were you at that party? I don’t recall."

He shook his head. "No. I was at home babysitting my little sister. I don't like the party scene, anyway."

"Really? Everyone acts as if you’re like, this party rock star. They say you drink. They say you mess around with any girl who crosses your path."

Dalton chuckled. "They don't know me, Jessi. They don’t know anything—they think I'm dull, so they make up stories. I'm actually an old fashioned kinda guy." His face flushed. "Jess." He paused. "I'd like to ask you out."

Jessi widened her eyes. "Really? What about my scars? What about my hand? Don't they bother you?"

"If they did, I wouldn't be here." He smiled softly.

"Okay." She caressed the curl that framed her face. "Yes. Yes, I'd like to go out with you."

Dalton’s smile widened. "Great. I'll catch up with you after school." He backed away, nearly colliding with Mr. Miller, the principal.

"Didn’t you two hear that second bell?" he warned. "Now, get to class. I don’t like stragglers. And Mr. Chase, walk forward like a normal human being." Mr. Miller watched as Dalton turned forward and danced his way down the hall.

Jessi flashed a brilliant smile. Dalton extended his index finger and thumb. He pretended to shoot her. With lips puckered, he blew imaginary smoke from his gun. "Later."

A feeling of awe overtook Jessi. Floating above the floor, she drifted to class. Wait until Amy and Becca hear what happened. Isn’t it wonderful? Some people can still see the beauty within.







It's in the Blood


It's in the Blood is published by Purple Sword Publications. You can find it at purplesword.com.



    Playing God can backfire. Kade was created to be the perfect soldier, but what she becomes surpasses even her creator's expectations.





     Jett Mason, a first generation genetically altered human soldier is sent to do a pick-up delivery type mission. He's been put out to pasture, along with five of his peers because of flaws. They don't hold up to Dr. Simon's standards.

     Jett isn't surprised when his package is a woman. He's told she's some other scientist's fiance and he's to deliver her safely.

What happens when Jett discovers his living, breathing package isn't what he thinks?




Kade stared out the window of the black SUV. The landscape before her was so different from the underground labs with their sterile white and stainless steel décor. The training room and simulators were only mildly distinct.

The man in the seat next to her was a far cry from those pasty lab rats, sniffing around her all the time, though they were fun to screw once in a while. Once she'd discovered sex, she'd begun to use it as a way to avoid frustration and to discover information that Doctor Simon wouldn't give her. Being created sterile gave her much freedom and little concern.

Jett Mason, however, was a man of the world, a soldier. She stole a glance at him. His features were set in concentration. The knuckles on his big hands nearly white with the grip he had on the steering wheel. What would it be like to have such strong fingers caress her skin? She wanted to feel them entwined in her hair, sliding along her throat, and tracing her collarbone. Oh, how she’d bask in the pleasure of those hands. Her heart thudded in her chest. The pulse of arousal pounded in her core. She imagined his hands gliding along her body, slow and easy, followed by sensual kisses, trailing downward. A sigh slipped from her lips, loud in the small confines of the truck’s cab.

“Did ya say somethin’?” He turned a stern look on her with those green grey eyes burning into her soul, before returning to stare out the windshield.

She shook her head, swallowing the bile that rose in her throat the moment that sound escaped. “No.” Her face burned, and she was sure her cheeks were flushed a bright red. Damn it! What an idiot. She scolded herself.

“You’re sure?” Again, that stare, she could melt into a puddle at his feet.

“I said, no,” she snapped. Her thoughts were all in a jumble, and his damned sexy voice just convoluted them even more. “What do you want from me, Mason?”

A smile quirked the corner of his mouth upward, as he looked between her and the road. “Your face is flushed, and you made a sound. The question is…what do you want from me?”

She glanced at those strong hands and back at his face. “It’s none of your damned business.” She leaned against the door and closed her eyes. Shit. He knows.

“You can call me Jett, you know.” His rough brogue sent a flutter through her belly.

She remained silent with her eyes closed, trying hard to get over the humiliation of being caught in a daydream. Her training denied her the luxury of fantastical thoughts. It pissed her off that she’d fallen into that trap, just because her body reacted to this perfect specimen. Is this part of Simon’s plan? Was this all a test? Anger rose. Was Jett part of this? Did he know all about her? Did Simon send him as part of her evaluation? Would he toy with her, bed her, and then leave her to Simon and BioGen’s mercy? Confusing thoughts shuffled through her mind as she tried to remember anything that would give her a clue as to Jett’s role in all this.