Under Dragon's Wing Editing Services

My Editing Information

     First of all, I'll tell you all right up front. I've never gone to college to learn what I have about editing. What I've learned about editing comes from being an author myself and having had several manuscripts edited by a fantastic editor. I have a good understanding of grammar, punctuation, sentence structure, and also what makes a story read well. Some of what I've learned also comes from being a member of the Novel Workshop forums on Writing.com. In our groups, we each review and critique each others' work. We look at everything from grammar to suggesting something that would sound better in place of what was written without taking away from the author's voice and style.

     I edit for Topaz Publishing, LLC, and Purple Sword Publications, plus I am available to anyone wanting or needing editing services. 


     If you are interested in my services you can contact me at amethstdrgn@aol.com

Editing Fees:



Per Page (This is for rough/first drafts or with very little editing)


  1-30pgs = $1.00 per page

 31-60pgs =     .95 per page

 61-90pgs =     .90 per page

91-120pgs =   .85 per page

121-150pgs =   .80 per page

151-180pgs =   .75 per page

180-210pgs =   .70 per page

 211-240pgs =   .65 per page

 241-270pgs =   .60 per page

 271-300pgs =   .55 per page

300 + pgs =    .50 per page



Flat Fees (I use this mostly for MSs that haven't been published, but are clean of major problems)


$25 to $55 depending on length of MS


Per Error or Line Edits (Mostly for works being republished or that are clean, but just need a read through for small errors: misspellings, missing words, wrong words, etc.)


$.10 per error